NIO Brand Unveiling

-Editor & Sound Design-

Konica Minolta’s Manifesto

-Editor & Sound Design-


The Edward Foundation

-Editor & 2nd camera-


SAGA- It and it Isn't

-Filming & Editing-



Feel in the Cracks

-Filming & Editing-


Yellow Sub 黄子德德

-Filming & Editing-


Fallen Angel

-Filming, Editing & Original music-


BORIS (revisit)

-Filming & Editing-


Reshape the Workplace of the Future:

Konica Minolta TV Commercial 2018

-Director & Editor-


Nespresso Talents 2017





-Editor & Music supervisor-




-Editor & Music supervisor-

a one-hour ob doc special exploring a load of myths and questions from the world of weed

60 min, 2017

Brexit Stage Left

-Editor (EP1 of 4)

Comedian Jamali Maddix got three of his stand-up comedian mates – Fern Brady, Alfie Brown and Sean McLoughlin – together to do a speedy stand-up tour of Europe. Each episode of the four-part series is centred around one comedian and their respective relationship with that city. 

30 min, comedy. 2017

The Viceland UK Census

-Editor & Music supervisor-

'We spoke to over 2,500 18 to 34-year-olds living in the UK to explore and document what life is like for young people in Britain in 2016. From Blackpool to Belfast, from country fairs to council estates, the nation's youth told us exactly how they felt about money, politics, drugs, sex, music, clothes and everything else that matters.

This is the VICELAND Census.'

155 min, 2016

Cutting Edge, MD

-Editor & Music supervisor-

A 10 episode Documentary TV show about sport injuries, medical treatments and the stories of athletes who persevered & recovered.

Aired on FOX Sports USA.


-Editor & Music supervisor-

A Documentary film about the trials and tribulations of Mentalist Lior Suchard: the doubts surrounding his rare talents and his ultimate pursuit of happiness and success.


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