Upcoming Exhibitions

MAY-JUN 2018- ‘Proceso de Error, 5th International de Video Experimental’, Valparasio, Chile. Video


Exhibition History


APR 2017- 'Experiments in Cinema Festival v12.3', Albuquerque. USA. Video

MAR-APR 2017- ‘VIDEOFORMS 2017’, Clermont-Ferrand, France. Video
MAR 2017- 'Retro-exotic Vidéodanse', Studio 303. Montreal. CA. Video

DEC 2016- ‘Global Videos’, various locations. Video

SEP-NOV 2016- ‘All Things Animals’, BOSTON CHILDREN’S MUSEUM, , Boston, Massachusetts. Print

OCT 2016- ‘Punto y Raya Festival 2016’, ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany

OCT 2016- ‘Modern Panic VII’, Newspeak House, London. Video
OCT 2016- ‘WITP 2016’, ‘Strand Glalley’, London. Video

SEP 2016- ‘RETHink Art Digital Festival’, House of Culture, Crete, Greece. Video

SEP 2016- Bideodromo Festival, The Sarean Cultural Centre, Bilbao, Spain

JUL-AUG 2016- ‘FILE 2016 - Electronic Language International Festival’, Fiesp Cultural Center, Sao Paulo. Brazil. Video

JUL 2016- ‘Space and Place: Summer Exhibition’, Left Bank Leeds. UK. Video

JUL 2016- ‘By Other Means’, London. Video

JUN-JUL 2016- ‘Contemporary Art Physis & Tékhne’, Societa Cormonese Austria Gallery. Cormons. Italy

JUN 2016- ’Static’,  Green Lens Studios, London. Video

MAY- JUL 2016- ‘Safety’, Radiant Galley, Plymouth, UK. Video

MAY-JUN 2016- ‘Visions of Nature’, Chelsea Fringe. Oxford House Gallery. London
MAY-JUN 2016- ‘Proceso de Error, 3rd International de Video Experimental’, Valparasio, Chile. Video

MAY 2016- ‘Grain Art’, Fishbowl Gallery, Richmond, USA. Video

MAY 2016- ‘I Breathe With You’, Augusta Savage Gallery, Massachusetts, USA. Video
MAY 2016- ‘Bad Art’, Bones & Pearl Studios, London. Video

MAY 2016- ’Transience’, King Street Station, Seattle, USA. Video
APR 2016- ‘The Salon ii’, Project Space 103, Wales, UK. Video
APR 2016 - ‘Fesival de Cine Experimental de Bogota/ CineAutopsia’. Brazil. Video
MAR-APR 2016- ‘VIDEOFORMS 2016’, Clermont-Ferrand, France
MAR 2016- ‘Blind Plural’, Hundred Years Gallery. London. Video
FEB 2016- ‘In Transit: Between You and I’, Chapter Hall, Northern Monk Brew Co. Leeds, UK. Video
JAN 2016- ‘CHROMA: Red Issue’, Safehouse1, London. Video

DEC 2015- ‘The Voice of the Artist’, Scope Art Fair, Miami, USA. Print
NOV-DEC 2015- ‘Exercising Authority: Race and the American Legal System’, Rouge College, Oregon, USA. Video
NOV 2015- ‘Modern Panic VI’, Apiary Studios, London. Video
OCT-NOV 2015- ‘Displacement’, 44AD Studios,  Fringe Arts, Bath. UK. Video
OCT-NOV 2015- ‘16th INTERBIFEP’, Gallery of Portrait/Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Video
OCT 2015- ‘Place & Proximity’,  Austin Forum, London. Video
OCT 2015- ‘TIAF 2015’, The Rag Factory, London. Video

OCT 2015- ‘American Gun Show’, Works Gallery, San Jose, USA. Video
OCT 2015- ‘Miami New Media Festival’, Miami, USA. Video
SEP 2015- ‘Passion for Freedom London Art Festival’, Mall Galleries, London. Video
AUG 2015- ‘From East to the BARBICAN’, Barbican Centre, London. Video
AUG 2015- ‘THE MAN INTO THE MAP’, Video Sound Art Festival, Milan, Italy. Video (2nd place prize)
JUL 2015- ‘Salon du Soleil’, Pennsylvania. USA. Video
JUL 2015- ‘ART-MAP’, Portugal. Video
JUN 2015- ‘Project Space 103’, Wales, UK. Video
JUN 2015- ‘Digital Graffiti’, Alys Beach, USA. Video
MAY 2015- ‘FILMIDEO 2015’, New Jersey USA. Video
MAY 2015- ‘AK47’, Flipside Gallery, Eindhoven. Print
MAY 2015- ‘Coffee Art Project’, London. Print
APR 2015- ‘Fear & Sound’, Bocs Gallery, Wales. Video
MAR-APR 2015- ‘Bright Shadow’, Chelsea College of Arts, London. Video

DEC 2014- Dirty Detroit, Detroit, USA. Video


SEP 2016- ‘ Video Social Club’, Plymouth. UK
AUG 2016- ‘OFF THE WALL’, Arts + Literature Laboratory. Wisconsin. USA

JUN 2016- ‘Psych Space’, East End Film Festival, London.
JUN 2016- ‘PARTouze- Camberwell Arts Festival’,  London.
MAY 2016- ‘The Man Who Bought Stonehenge and Other Stories’, FaB Festival, Bath. UK
MAY 2016- ‘R<U<N no.10’. London

MAY 2016- ‘GENERATE! Lab’, Tubingen, Germany
MAY 2016- ‘In the Name of TRUTH : Time, Peace and Humanity’, Torrance Art Museum, LA. USA
MAY 2016- ‘Ca'Foscari University- Cultural flow zone’ , Venice. Italy
MAY 2016- ‘Perpetual Fluidity’, The Historic Dockyard, Kent, UK
APR 2016- ‘What Happens When…’, POWRPLNT Art School, NY. USA

APR 2016- ‘FILMIDEO 2016’, New Jersey USA. Video
APR 2016- ‘Experiments in Cinema v11.4 festival’, Albuquerque. USA
FEB 2016- ‘The Carnival of e-Creativity’, Shillong & Meghalaya. India

DEC 2015- ‘3rd Aalborg Surreal’, Aalborg. Denmark
NOV 2015- ‘Unstable Signal: Glitch Video’, VIVO Media Arts Center, Vancouver. Canada
AUG 2015- ‘Deep Breathes’, Arc Gallery, Chicago. USA
JUL 2015- ‘Summer Cinema’, Surface Gallery, Nottingham, UK
MAR 2015- ‘Refuse Reuse’, London

Publications & Collections

NOV 2015- Digital America Issue #6
OCT 2015- Shoah Film Collection


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